What We Do

Leveraging your data is an evolving challenge that can be demanding, time-consuming, and expensive – no matter where
you are in your data transformation. With an end-to-end approach, AdvantEdge Analytics is the only credit union data and
analytics solution provider offering data transformation strategy and turning those insights into action.

It isn’t an optional add-on – it’s a core part of our process to drive business results.


Data you can count on. When your data is scattered across systems, vendors, and environments, it’s hard to access and even harder to trust.

Our Data Management breaks through silos to create a centralized data hub. Which means you’ll always have access to the data you need to make strategic business decisions, and can leave data reliability worries behind.

Data Warehousing

Pulls data from multiple systems – structured, unstructured, transactional, and more – to provide a single source of truth and a 360-degree view. We leverage our cloud-hosted solution to provide warehousing, backups, and administration in one secure solution.

Data Integration

Transforms your data into unified formats and values so it’s easier to use for reporting and analysis.

Industry Standardized Schema

Accommodates your core and ancillary systems and can be extended to meet your custom business needs. The schema seamlessly integrates with AdvantEdge Analytics and third party solutions to accelerate your credit union’s digital transformation.

Improved data management helps your entire organization work smarter and faster.

Create a single source of data

One source of data means more accurate reporting and analysis.

Know more

Now it’s easier to access historical data and analyze unstructured data.

Identify data quality issues

Pinpoint areas where staff training or operational changes could improve data quality.

Save time

Cut data access time and eliminate manual data collection.


Our services scale as your data needs change.


When you engage with AdvantEdge Analytics, you get access to a suite of strategists for:

Data Transformation Strategy (DTS)

Identify sources of value • Prioritize activities • Drive business results

DTS Deliverables

Insights into solution options • Practical roadmaps • Leverage AdvantEdge Analytics solutions

Collaboration for Success

Proactive coaching • Personalized workshops • Employee engagement

The tools you need to make sense of your data.
You’ve got plenty of data. What you don’t have is an easy way to understand what your data is trying to tell you.
And that’s where our reporting and performance management tools come in.

In-depth Analysis and Business Intelligence

Want to drill deeper? Have a specific challenge you’re trying to tackle? Rely on our team of analysts to mine your data for patterns and trends, interpret results, and provide insights and recommendations.

Ready-to-use Visualization Tools

These graphic-centric dashboards make it easy to monitor key performance metrics.

Improved decision-making—get insights into ALM, marketing, forecasting and profitability with pre-built visualizations.

Not just facts—actionable insights

Improve efficiency

Our tools mean less time on data management and better resources for member attraction/retention, product development, channel and staff utilization, and other mission-critical issues.

Grow your loan portfolio and improve loan quality

Easy access to the information that drives improved loan booking ratios and reduces loan risk, cuts delinquencies, and pinpoints new lending opportunities on maturing loans.

Drive interchange income

Everything you need to analyze member spending patterns and uncover opportunities to grow credit card use and interchange income.

Analyzing the data we gather will give us a competitive advantage when sharing the value of credit union membership to new and existing members.

Randy Carswell

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union


What products and services will members need and want in the future—and what channels will they use to access them?
We’ve developed robust algorithms, leveraged the benefits of machine learning, and assembled a team of leading data scientists to help you find out.

Indirect Member Lead Generation

The data that lets you optimize cross-sell, increase conversion levels, and improve retention rates.

Non-member Lead Generation

Targeted prospecting means you can increase member growth and earnings per new member.

Member Attrition Reduction

Insights to deliver personalized offers and improve member retention.

Strengthen the member experience, improve frontline adoption and grow market share.

Identify high-value, engaged members

With a 360-degree view that integrates marketing priority, loyalty, propensity scores, and demographics you’ll know which members are more likely to stay—and more likely to respond to products and offers.

Pinpoint the right targets and offerings

Analyze your members’ buying patterns to identify cross- and upsell opportunities and channel preferences, improve loyalty and engagement, and build more personalized relationships.

Improve workflow management and staff adoption

Effective execution can be the difference between a successful program and an “almost.” Rely on our team to create a personalized action plan that turns information into results.