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How Data Preparedness Can Prevent a Credit Union Ghost Town

History is filled with examples of failures to look beyond the short-term and understand the risks and rewards in the future. When we think about credit unions today, tomorrow’s solution may also not be enough.

Connected Data Points: How to Be Contextually Relevant at All Times

Without a doubt, credit unions have access to an abundance of data that can truly empower and drive member engagement efforts. But with so much data on-hand these days, from so many disconnected systems, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to identify what data to focus on. So, which data is actually the right data?

The Truth about Member Experience

Credit unions have always had a high degree of focus on member service. We've always done spectacularly well in that regard. The member comes in the door, presents us with a need, and we’re more than glad to fulfill it. However, this sort of service presumes that the member actively initiates the engagement.

A Home Experience, Not a Mortgage

As technology continues to transform the lives and expectations of members, they increasingly turn to businesses that can provide them an end-to-end solution combined with a customized experience, before they may even know they need it. To achieve this, the credit union needs to provide a Platform, Personalization, and Prediction.

Microsoft and AdvantEdge Analytics a ‘Potent Combination’

BCU VP/Chief Data Officer John Sahagian explains what this powerful partnership means for the larger credit union industry.

Research & Insights