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Predictive Analytics: No Crystal Ball Required

There used to be a standard protocol for connecting with consumers: conduct market research, use it to make educated guesses about what consumers want, build a campaign that reaches them and tells them you have what you think they want. It worked to varying degrees for a long time to convince people to buy Coca-Cola or remain loyal to their Toyota. But, reflecting back, that “educated guess” was in some ways nothing more than an “educated gamble.”

Those Sneaky Fintechs

See what can happen when you think like a fintech, but hug like a credit union.

"You Have That": Credit Unions Have the Data to Drive Growth Now

Three basic sets of data can drive increased average member revenue, lifetime value, and stickiness. The good news: You already have them.

Credit Unions Can Disrupt Like Uber

Ride sharing services, such as an Uber or Lyft, have disrupted the long-standing taxi industry without even owning a single car.

Give Members Free Socks

Free socks are a symbol for filling a member’s need before they even know they have one. The “Free Socks" reference originates from an example in the fitness/health industry.


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