AdvantEdge Analytics and Microsoft join forces to help credit unions accelerate their digital transformation.

Together, AdvantEdge Analytics and Microsoft have developed the industry’s next-generation data platform for credit unions.

This industry-standard platform positions credit unions to harness data to its fullest potential and level the playing field with larger financial institutions by:

  • providing industry standardized connections that work with existing key credit union systems
  • delivering powerful data integration capabilities and secure access for third-party solutions
  • enabling credit unions to benefit from the scalability
  • increasing credit unions agility and speed to market    

The result?

AdvantEdge Analytics™ Data Platform. It’s the data platform designed to help you realize the full potential of your information, helping to improve assets to improve decision making, deliver business insights, and boost productivity.


AdvantEdge Analytics™ Data Platform

Standardization & System Integration

Using standardized interfaces, the AdvantEdge Analytics™ Data Platform allows for seamless integration into your entire credit union ecosystem, so you can capture the full value of data, analytics and third-party solutions.  Solution providers can plug into existing systems without the overhead and implementation times associated with a heavily customized system landscape. 

Best-In-Class Security & Data Management

The AdvantEdge Analytics™ Data Platform features a hosted and managed data warehouse solution.  You gain advanced data warehousing all in one secure location, with scalability, resource management, and system availability.  With improved connectivity of systems, you can develop and integrate applications and conduct benchmarks from one platform.

Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics

Experience seamless integration with digital transformation tools like Microsoft Power BI for unparalleled access to your data and business intelligence.  The AdvantEdge Analytics™ Data Platform is an engine built for the future, with a product upgrade roadmap for third-party data and real-time integration.

Watch AdvantEdge Analytics at Microsoft's Business Applications Spring 2018 Launch Event.

AdvantEdge Analytics addresses the changing trends in the credit union space and demonstrates how the collaboration with Microsoft addresses some of those changes.