Anne Legg, Director, Market/Client Strategies, talks with credit union leaders on topics of transformation in the credit union industry.

Take Care of Your Data, and It Will Take Care of You

Data is one of the most robust assets of a credit union but may be the least formally managed. You would never be casual with the governance of your loans, so why would you with your data? David Rose, Analytics Expert at McKinsey & Company, provides clarity and insights to data governance.

The Mindset of Agility

Eric LeVin, CTO of AdvantEdge Analytics, brings expertise and tenure to an informative conversation around two important and complex topics: data transformation and Agile project management. Eric also shares what he thinks is the "sweet spot" for credit unions.

Don't Swallow the Elephant

John Sahagian, VP Marketing & Member Intelligence at BCU, shares what he has learned from BCU’s data transformation journey, including how big bites can quickly take you down the wrong path.

It's a Journey, Not a Destination

Analytics is a word that means different things to different people. In this podcast, Raj Rathi, our Director of Analytics, helps to provide clarity. The good news is that it can be easy, but you must take the first step: identify the problem you want data to solve.

Leadership: Changing your Culture is Like Hosting a Potluck

Anne visits with Denise Gabel, COO at the Northwest Credit Union Association, on changing your culture to the culture of change. It’s not a 16-course dinner – it’s a potluck.

What is Quantifiable Self and Zero User Interface

In this episode, Anne introduces Quantifiable Self and Zero UI and addresses why these concepts are becoming increasingly important to credit unions.

Data Transformation Journey

The data transformation journey is like a marathon -- the last mile is usually the toughest, but most rewarding. In this episode, Kia Javanmardian, partner at McKinsey and Company, shares his work with data and analytics and how it transforms business.  There were many “ah” moments.