Reporting & Performance Management

The tools you need to make sense of your data.

You’ve got plenty of data. What you don’t have is an easy way to understand what your data is trying to tell you. And that’s where our reporting and performance management tools come in.

In-depth Analysis and Business Intelligence

Want to drill deeper? Have a specific challenge you’re trying to tackle? Rely on our team of analysts to mine your data for patterns and trends, interpret results, and provide insights and recommendations.
Ready-to-use Visualization Tools

These graphic-centric dashboards make it easy to monitor key performance metrics. Improved decision-making—get insights into ALM, marketing, forecasting and profitability with pre-built visualizations.

Not just facts—actionable insights

Improve efficiency

Our tools mean less time on data management and better resources for member attraction/retention, product development, channel and staff utilization, and other mission-critical issues.

Grow your loan portfolio and improve loan quality

Easy access to the information that drives improved loan booking ratios and reduces loan risk, cuts delinquencies, and pinpoints new lending opportunities on maturing loans.

Drive interchange income

Everything you need to analyze member spending patterns and uncover opportunities to grow credit card use and interchange income.